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Gait Analysis Lab


Professional analysis of biomechanics is important to find the source of pain or plateau in performance. But, when you see it for yourself you are better able to put the pieces together for the mind/body connection.

How we help

Sole Train has partnered with Boxing 4 Health to offer 3D video gait analysis. This leading-edge technology allows us to:

  • Capture how you move scientifically and accurately (to within 1.5mm)

  • Measure whole-body movement to pinpoint biomechanical issues that may be the cause of pain or cause of plateau/reduced performance

  • Track your progress over time

  • Devise an appropriate treatment plan based off your gait pattern

What do I need to wear?

Tighter-fit clothing like athletic wear - preferably black or white for best video capture results.


$140 + HST per session

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