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Pedorthic Assessments


Our comprehensive pedorthic assessments help us identify potential causes of the issues presented and establish an individualized plan to help you achieve your fitness or pain management goals.

How we help

We’ll ask you about your goals (e.g.: are you suffering from pain, or looking to improve your fitness or overall health)?

We’ll assess and review the following:

  • Patient history

  • Biomechanics

  • Joint range of motion

  • Muscle strength, flexibility and overall imbalance

  • Joint deformity

  • Bony deformity

  • Skin and nail condition

  • Circulation

  • Nerve function

  • Compare structure and function during gait analysis

  • Footwear analysis


With the information gathered, we then get to work on your individualized plan, which could include any of:


$115 (60-min session)

HST is not applicable if the assessment is required as part of a consult for a custom medical device or orthotics.

Complex cases requiring additional time could be subject to additional charges

What to wear

We recommend shorts, as well as footwear that you wear regularly, frequently, or that you experience pain or discomfort in.

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