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Compression Socks


The enhanced blood flow provided by compression socks offers several benefits:

  • Reduced fatigue in legs/feet

  • Improved athletic/physical performance

  • Enhanced recovery after your workouts or physical activities

  • Help for medical conditions involving the vascular system (DVT, varicose veins, spider veins, venous insufficiency)

What are they?

Compression socks are offered in various compression levels depending on specific needs, measured in mmHg. While compression socks with lower grades of pressure are available over the counter, Sole Train can fill prescribed orders of medical-grade levels with higher pressure ranges.

Photo of trail runner wearing compression socks. Sole Train can help you pick some out!

How we help

We review factors that could be affecting blood flow in your life (e.g. reduced blood flow from joint positions, footwear, standing or sitting all day, etc.) to see what may be best for you.


We always suggest discussing further with your doctor about the appropriateness of compression socks within your treatment plan and do require a prescription in order to provide them.


Cost varies depending on manufacturer.

HST is not applicable for prescription orders

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